Advantages Of Using Turntable Wrapping Equipment To Protect Your Pallets

If your business regularly wraps pallets for shipping purposes or to securely store your products in a warehouse, then you may have discovered that wrapping by hand can be inefficient and time-consuming. In addition to wasting valuable labor hours, manual wrapping can create an uneven layer of film that doesn't adequately protect your pallets. To make better use of your employees' time and save money in the long run, you may wish to invest in turntable wrapping equipment. These stretch wrappers rotate on a motorized platform to uniformly cover your pallets smoothly and securely. Here are some of the top advantages of choosing to buy turntable wrapping equipment to prepare your pallets for transportation or storage.

1) Your pallets will be wrapped the same way every time.

One of the biggest problems with hand wrapping is that it can produce an inconsistent level of film on your pallets. With manual wrapping, some pallets could have too much film, causing you to spend unnecessary money to purchase replacement film. Other pallets may not have enough film placed, which could result in your products shifting around during shipment or movement in a warehouse. An automated turntable wrapping machine, on the other hand, will ensure that your products are wrapped with the same amount of film on each pallet. Furthermore, the film will be placed evenly and firmly, so you'll never have to worry that your products will become damaged as the pallets are relocated. Your business will also see substantial cost savings when extra film is no longer wasted through hand wrapping. 

2) Your employees will be able to spend time on more productive tasks.

Turntable wrapping equipment can save you manhours as well. Since wrapping boxes and products by hand can take a long time, it's a good idea to find a solution that will allow your employees to focus on more important tasks. An automated wrapping machine will do all of the work of preparing your pallets for each step in your process. With the powered conveyor capability of turntable wrapping equipment, the next load simply moves into place after the previous one is successfully wrapped. Ultimately, the automated wrapping machine will empower your employees to spend their day doing things that are more profitable to your business such as picking orders or loading trucks.

3) You will save money by only using the film that is absolutely necessary.

The amount of film that is wasted due to hand wrapping can dramatically impact your bottom line. Human error can lead to film being used that isn't truly needed. Conversely, a turntable wrapping machine will pre-stretch the film for you, reducing the amount of film used to a significant degree. As the rollers apply the film, the pallet is covered solely in the level of film that is actually required for the particular pallet. This will result in major dollar savings after just a few loads. Over time, your investment in the automated wrapping machine will pay for itself. 

The benefits of turntable wrapping equipment can make a big difference for your business, especially if you are shipping and storing products or pallets at a high volume. Not only will you save time and manhours, but you'll also see an increase in your profit margins when you switch to an automated wrapping machine for your business.